Love Your Passion

Love your Passion. People sacrifice their entire lives working in professions that they completely don’t like to, but just because they have earned a degree in that subject, they just keep going with this reason. We all need to identify and sort out our potential. A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It can often give you a reason to travel, and therefore to have the new experiences so key to happiness. Passion gives you something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds. It gives you the true purpose of life. So many people still unable to identify their potentials and skills, and what they made for?

We have just one life to live then why to let our careers cripple?

Happiness is a time-bound thing. You can’t be happy for a longer period of time at a same place, that’s why you need to keep moving in life no matter how successful you are. While contentment is a state that you have by achieving little milestones of happiness throughout life. Both are necessary possessions for us to strive more. Your passion should be something that not only keeps you happy in daily life but also keeps you satisfied in the longer run. Everything else will then start falling into place.

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The problem is, no matter how much you visualize the wrong direction becoming better, wrong is still wrong. You can make efforts up to a certain limits. If you’re engaged in work that drains, disappoints, and demoralizes you, it’s wrong for you. Just move on without next thoughts towards your passion will be a better option as much as my thoughts concerned. Otherwise you may have to suffer from mental stress. Usually work stress has a negative impact on our mind and also our performance.

Never is too late to start what we like the most. Wrong decision in choosing your profession can make you angry, frustrated, aggravated, and unsatisfied in your life. Many people pursue their academics and job in fields of their parent’s preferences knowing they want something else. We must seek our fullest potentials and continue to grow throughout life. Doors opens and closes with time, we must listen to our gut to determine which ones serve us with fulfillment.

You may see many people that are not likely to be goal driven or not willing to pursue their ambitions just because “What people will say”. They spoil their Passion and Skill just for the sake of community around them. Family and society values had killed the dreams and ambitions of several young souls just because of not adopting their passion.

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Having a passion is good if you can change your passion into a career then that’s more than good, but sometimes people grumble that they’re passionate to do this, but they’re unable to pursue it because of pressure from their parents or from society such as “What people will say?”. That’s Unfair! If they were passionate enough they would have done it without thinking about anything. But the reality is they liked that thing and thought they wanted to do this. But liking something and seeing the brightest part of it doesn’t means you’re passionate enough. The person who’s passionate can never be stopped but just liking that profession because you see fame, money and respect in the society is something you want to do but making any step towards it makes you feel very under-confident and also unrealistic. You need to take a step forward and step out of your comfort zone. Taking the initiative is always difficult but at the end of the day everything become under control.

So here I just wanted to say that if you’re passionate enough just do it without thinking about “What people will say?” If you’re not good enough to that risk in your life, don’t just give this statement of being passionate, no you’re not at all passionate. Try to find something else which can make you feel happy and better. By doing so you will suffer less and the result will be unbelievable.

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The biggest unanswered question is “People are so afraid to answer after years of working, is it a passion or just a job”? I strongly believe that parents and schools should invest and participate more in career days and/or advice for their children’s and students respectively. It will definitely help our younger generation before they step into the practical world.

I truly believe our talents are a gifting and should be trained and nurtured. Responsibility of parents and educators is to recognize passionate individuals and mentor to encourage uniqueness in their youngsters. It’s really important to make students find their passion and make the right choice before entering into their career. Choosing the platform that you are not interested in, will end up by ruining the peace of mind. It’s like you are present but your mind is somewhere else. As it’s not a matter of few days but you have to suffer it whole life. So we just need to think about it and educate our society.

Are you happy where you are at now in career?

85 thoughts on “Love Your Passion

  1. I’m working towards getting a second degree because the first degree didn’t lead to anything I was hoping for. I’m not an ambitious person who enjoys climbing the corporate ladder and I didn’t want to go to grad school knowing that it narrows my range of potential jobs even further. So instead, I went back to university to get a different degree. I’m finding this degree to be the most difficult and challenging thing ever, and I absolutely hate it. However, I don’t have more time to waste switching degrees, or finding my passion… The world isn’t getting any younger. 😔😓

    I would love to quit school and do something I love. Nothing would make me happier than that. My passion is writing. I used to hate writing when I was young until I learned how powerful words are. Good writers can win arguments, debates etc. Good writers can convince, persuade, and even manipulate people. Writing is powerful. Knowing how powerful my words can be me want to write more, so that I can potentially have some kind of impact on the world. 🌎

    But how? It’s just not feasible with the responsibilities I have as an adult. And if it was feasible, I would totally do it. Thanks for reading! 😊🤗

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    • Thanks Hilary Tan for expressing your thoughts and interest. You are right that writing itself a very useful and powerful tool to express our inner feelings and we can admire anybody with our words. The best thing to do is to find the ways to attack people towards our writings.
      You should complete your degree no matter how hard it is, may be later on it becomes interested and help you achieve your milestone.

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  2. Great post! Sadly, some people can’t pursue their passion because they have responsibilities that make them sacrifice their passion for a well paying job they don’t like.
    I am passionate about my current job, providing therapy for children diagnosed with developmental disorders. I am happy and excited to see where my passion would lead me ♥️

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  3. Thank you for this post.
    I am not 100% satisfied because my passion can’t afford yet to pay my bills…I need to have a jobb to be able to do that, and on the side work with my passion..but it is a step forward..before i used to work full time in a jobb and forgot about my so sad..but i think i am in a good way now. 🙏💜.

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    • Your situation is just like mine. I want to continue my studies but unfortunately left my studies at intermediate level due to financial crisis. After that I got a job and then again I continued my studies along with my job. Now I am having Master Degree in Computer science and soin I will move forward to M. phil or MS in Computer science.
      For the time being I think job would be a good idea and after settlement you can continue to rock out your passion. But you can take a decision better way according to your situations.

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  4. Great post. I did work at jobs I hated for a long time, but once I made up my mind to do something I did love, I was so happy, and it has been that way ever since. Money should never be our reason for staying at a job that is not right for us. Life is too short for that, and don’t kid yourself that having a lot of money will make things right in your life. NOT! Better to be a bit poor and enjoy your life than to have loads and never be happy. Thank you kindly for this post.

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    • Thanks mam, I absolutely agree with your thoughts, because can’t give us mental satisfaction. The mkre we have the more we think of it. Poor people really enjoy their lives because they are free to do, to eat, to wear and to go, what and where they want.

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  5. I’m definitely happy what i am doing now. But if you asked an year ago i woulve said no. But after a lot of struggle i am in my dream job enjoying it✨😉 I would say the same to others, for a certai period people had to force themselves in a job they hate just to survive, but that is not forever. There is always time they can continue their passion at least in part time. We just need to wait. Life isnt always complicated, we complicate it technically✨😉 Nice posy. Beautiully written. Have a beautiful day✨🤗 What is your name? i cant call you rising star right? 😉

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    • That’s really cool man, it’s Kiramat but I’m good with Rising Star. That’s s great to hear about your success. You have done a great job. Many people struggles before getting their dream job. The same was the case with me few years ago. I was very excited to continue my studies but unfortunately, I left my studies at intermediate level due to some financial crisis. After that I got a job and then again I continued my studies along with my job. Now I am having Master Degree in Computer science and soon. I will move forward to M. phil or MS in Computer science.

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      • That was great to hear your journey Kiramat, Like i said life isnt complicated we complicate it😉. Your name is so bold just like your picture. I still like Kiramat better than Rising Star✨. I wish you all success in doing Mphil or Ms in CS. All the best and do well.✨🤗✍️ Have a wonderful weekend🤗🤗🤗

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  6. Good morning Star, your words are bright and promising. Unfortunately, not too many are lucky enough to turn their passion into their job. Some get a degree then get a job that doesn’t align with their degree. Some agree with whatever job they can get because the chance they get a job that aligns with their degree is far from reach. Some consider lots of money is more important than being happy at a job. Personally, my passion is in writing poems and I couldn’t turn it into my job . Instead, I got a degree and I was lucky to be one of those who like their major leading to me getting a job that aligns with my degree & it is what I wanted. I would like to thank you for liking my latest blog post “Aromatic Vanilla Pearl 🥶🍦”. It meant so much to me. Have a lovely morning. 🌸

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    • A agree with you because I also suffered from this situation. I was very excited to continue my studies but unfortunately left my studies at intermediate level. After that I got a job and then again I continued my studies along with my job. Now I am having Master Degree in Computer science and soin I will move forward to M. phil or MS in Computer science.
      The same way many people could not complete their passion passion and their degree.
      You can continue your passion of writing along with any of your job. I’m also doing so job, study and writing also. As it’s a bit tough but I try my best to manage it.

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  8. Needless to say I’ve discovered my re-found passion in writing! Even though it’s not related to my field of study..But I intend to use my passion to light my way ahead instead of just keeping it inside me! Also, someday sing in public I guess (and then run before I get shows thrown at me :D)

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    • That’s awesome, I really appreciate your passion and the way you want it to be. I’m also passionate to writing as it’s totally opposite to my studies but I have found something amazing in it. I would like to continue my writing along with my studies. It’s a great source to enlighten the world with what I have in my heart and mind.

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      • That’s great, glad to hear that! You write very well so you should definitely pursue it! There are so many thoughts encircling our head that it’s hard to keep track of them and then put them to paper! But once you manage to sit down, the words come pouring out, doesn’t it 🙂

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      • Absolutely right dear, we are always in a doubt that we have nothing in our mind and we can’t write anything good, but it’s not that way. We just need to pick a paper and pencil to take the first step.
        Same was the case with me when I started writing, many of my friends discouraged me that you can’t write anything good, blogging is beyond your imagination but when I got a lot of support from my followers I feel proud of my decision. Although being English being not our native language but still i got a of support.

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      • I am so glad you did not listen to the naysayers! It is hard to follow through on this, but people’s opinions on what we can and cannot do should not affect us, simply because they are not living our lives, we are! As for English not being the native language, in today’s date, that is the least thing that stops us from expressing our thoughts, our feelings and emotions. You proved that through your amazing writing 🙂

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      • Once again thanks for your inspirational and motivational words. 2nd if we want to spend some time to listen naysayers, that life is short for them, everyone has his own ideas and feelings but no body can understand you and your feelings.


  9. I really like this post! I am lucky that what I love doing is something what the society approves of. But I know many people choosing careers based on social pressures, well, because it is hard to deal with that pressure. But if we can be consistent enough in what we love to do, then we will rise in the eyes of the society as well (this is not the aim. But it will come when we do what we like).

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    • Absolutely Betul Erbasi, As I have explored your writing stories and writing, I found you are a very talented and passionate writer. Like your writing you can manage your job wonderfully. You are PHD student and a greate writer as well. I don’t know besides studies and writing what is your dream job but I could imagine that you will perform it wonderfully that one day it will become your dream.

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  10. Wow just wow!!!!!! This speaks to me! It’s one of my life’s anthems! A life fashioned around its passion is life at its BEST!!!! Thanks for this amazing post Star!!!! Would love to share this on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! ❤️💚🧡💜💛🧡❤️💛💚🧡💜❤️

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  11. I believe that God gives each of us talents and abilities. We are happiest and most fulfilled when we are making use of those for the good of others.

    There are, of course, millions of people who do not have a choice about the jobs they take. Any honest work is honorable, especially when supporting a family.

    You may feel that change is necessary for happiness. And it is certainly true that any job can grow stale. But there is much to be said for endurance.

    Wishing you happiness in your own work,

    A. ❤

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