Happy Autumn. Where there is a November there will be an Autumn. Autumn brings its own unique beauty, where the leaves grow old and aged. They fall one by one from there place of beauty. In Autumn every Leaf looks like a flower flutters here and there with the blown of air. The garden presents an awesome view full of old fluttered leaves.

Some Beautiful pictures of beauty of Autumn are:

tiny pink flowers colors of Autumn

tiny pink flowers
Plumeria White and Yellow Flowers
small pink flowers Autumn Flowers
Autumn colors
Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers Florida
Green Plants After Rain
Pink Flowers Colors of Autumn
Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers
Hawaiian Plumeria White and Yellow Flowers

99 thoughts on “COLORS OF AUTUMN

  1. Our autumn ended in Sept. when the first snowfall turned green leaves brittle and they fell before the change to gold and orange could appear. We had to ATV up the mountain trails to enjoy the autumn colors. Thanks for sharing yours!

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      1. Yes, but it’s a dry cold … not the humid, wet cold that goes right through you. Unless the wind is howling, even the below zero temps are bearable. However, as a California native, I do prefer more days of summer, longer springs and autumns, and less length in winter’s cold. However, Montana has other qualities that compensate for what it lacks in the longer warm seasons. I do love living here. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜€

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      2. That’s so cool of you mam, in dry cold it is really hard to manage because it directly effects the body. It will become good as wind howls and a sweet rainfall will make it much prettier.


      3. I love the beauty of our snow-covered mountains and the way the snow transforms our dull, grayish yellow fields and bare trees into a spiritual “Winter Wonderland.” We get limited rainfall, but enough to keep the trees, shrubs, and rivers alive.

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