Don’t underestimate your worth

Don’t underestimate your worth in front of those who never cares for you. Who never want to be in their lives. Sometimes we run for the things or people who don’t value us, but we still want them to stay in our lives forever. Continue reading Don’t underestimate your worth

I just wanted to know “What is a

As you know better that failure is the opposite of success. Now the problem is that the failure is also different for each of us. Failure for me will have a different definition as the definition of failure to you. So in your point of view, how you define a failure? Continue reading I just wanted to know “What is a

I just wanted to know "What is success

Success has its own style and meaning to everyone. The meaning of success for me is different from the meaning of success to you. So I want to confirm success with your point of view. Continue reading I just wanted to know "What is success

I just wanted to know that “How do you

I just want to say “How do you introduce yourself in your own way?”. Continue reading I just wanted to know that “How do you

Social Media

In today’s world Social Media doesn’t need any clarification. Social media and the internet has connected the world globally. In this century the youngsters, kids, and oldies are busy with internet surfing and spend a lot of their time on social media. Though social media has connected friends and families together. Continue reading Social Media

When we were kids

This article is based on the changes made by digital inventions, like mobiles, tablets, and computer games. The main purpose of this article is to aware parents about children and kids care. vpn, ICT and Information Technology effects on our children’s lives. Continue reading When we were kids

Just Say! I am Back

If you fail due to some reasons it means you are making efforts to achieve something great. Don’t forget that you have learned a lot from that failure. Come back again with a lot of experience and energy. Set a goal in your life. Continue reading Just Say! I am Back