I love your smile. I really love your smile. Smile is a glorious gift from God that has an extreme amount of power. It can melt many hearts with a simple attraction. We should proud of it and use it where ever it is required. Great people always wear a smile on their face, no matter what the circumstances are.

Smiles do have magic. It can change things unexpectedly. Conversation with smile is always healthy and it makes a lot of difference. The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile on your face. Learn to smile, it just an approved method of expressing your strength and the most remarkable tool to become successful.

Smile is the best gift anyone give to loved ones and even strangers. I will feel proud to say that smile is the sign of love and success. Sacrifices will enhance the impact of your smile deeply. Greater the sacrifices with commitments and dedications, optimum results will be there.


Smile can also make you feel happier and brighter. A smile can lift the day for many people. Smile is solution to solve all hurdles and difficulties in life, so keep smiling. Only who brave enough, can keep that smile on their face every day, no matter what the circumstances are. Our smiles have so much power. Just wish we could all smile often.

Smile surely does help you and the people around you to stay connected and close to each other. Smile makes us comfortable even with the strangers that we meet on our daily lives. Always meet each other with a perfect smile, because smile is the beginning of love.

As I heard that first impression is always the last impression. So if you meet someone for the first time with a genuine smile you will have a great impression on that person for the rest of his life. He will always remember your smile in his sweet memories.

Some of the best smile quotes are.

  • A Smile is the best makeup a person can wear on his face.
  • A smile is the key to love.
  • A smile can do miracles.
  • A smile can set the situation straight according to our will.
  • Your smile can change the world, Don’t let the World to change your smile.
  • A smile in a conversation also shows politeness, and sometimes it saves a lot of words instead.
  • Smile is unrivaled. A smile, a genuine smile is priceless.
  • Smile is key to success in every aspect of life.

Sometimes we need to put smile on our face, to make other people smile. This is the real happiness we can give to anyone even we are not stronger economically. The commitment we pay to human deviousness, with dithering and shattered hearts, we smile.

Let’s promise that we will always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Keep smiling and spread love. Wear a mask of smile on your face, it will hide your cheeks and shades of your eyes. The people around will feel proud of your company. Remember, smile is priceless. Let’s start smiling and spread love to the glorious world.

Smile Please?

135 thoughts on “I LOVE YOUR SMILE

    1. Good evening Angelica, thanks for time and kind words. It really means a lot to me too that you have spared some time from your evening for my blog. I really appreciate your support and worthy response. I liked your blog and will do so again and again as it’s really awesome dear.

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      1. Thank you so kind dear for your so much inspirational response, you can’t imagine how your response inspired me. I visited your blog and liked it very much, and I ensure I will visit it in my spare times. I am really impressed with you and your writing. Have a great day with lot of achievements. Many love from my side.

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      2. You are so welcome. I am thankful and grateful to read yet another one of your full with kindness & support replies. I appreciate it so much. Same goes to me. I will mark your blog page as one of the blogs I need to visit when I am free. You too Rising Star, I wish you the best and good luck with your writing journey and more success to your blog page. Sending good wishes and love to you ☺️

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      3. That’s awesome Angelica, So nice of you. Honestly speaking dear I have got a lot of inspiration and support here on WordPress, Before starting blogging I was nothing, but response like yours boosted up my inspirations. I have written a post on the same topic You can read it your spare time. One of My best and most liked blog post “Hey! I’m in love”, is the title of that post. Same from my side dear I’ll try to read each and every of your post and will respond to you.as it will help us both. My all time support and best are with you dear.

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      1. Instead of that…. You can take a gist of my wordpress page. Then, post a blog describing about what my page is all about. Then add a blog link from my page which you have liked a lot. It will be good idea😃

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      2. It’s ok but it’s time consuming for me, you provide a post as you described above because you can define your blog better than me, and I will upload it on blog for you. Blessings.


    1. That’s so nice of you to read this on your morning coffee and I’m glad you liked that. I hope it will make your day better. Thank you so much Dear for your kind words and time to my blog. It really means a lot to me. Keep smile and spread love among people around you. Best wishes dear

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  1. When I worked at a bank, they would always say to smile even when you didn’t feel like it. Pretty soon, the smile would go from fake to sincere, because if you smile and treat people good, most often they will do the same back and this affects how you feel. Being negative just brings more negativity back to you. So, it works. When I smile, even if I don’t feel like it at first, I find that not only do the corners of my mouth lift up, but so does my spirit.

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  2. Hi, I do think this is a great site. I stumbledupon it 😉 I’m going to return once again since i have book-marked it. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to help other people.

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