Many Thanks and Love

This blog is to just say thanks and a lot of love to all my followers. Here on WordPress I got a lot of Love and support from seniors, juniors and all types of Bloggers. I found this one of the most inspirational and supportive platform.

From the very first follower to the last one follower, I’m so much surprised and grateful for all your support, follow up and worthy feedback on my humble blog. I was nothing before Blogging. I found a lot of inspiration from senior Bloggers. I Pray and wish for their long life and wonderful Blogging. It will not be false to say that I’m an accidental Blogger. Every one showed his real interest in guiding and advising me. Blogging was always almost an unknown and unachievable for me every time. It was a tough struggle for me emotionally as people around me actually looked down upon me new hobby. Blogging is often looked as a joke to many people. They do not know that a lot of work is poured into each blog post. No doubt blogging is a tough but very much interesting hobby. It is a strong way to express idea in your own words and in your time. Now at that time blogging has become a passion for me and I’m expect the same co-operation and support from all of my WordPress Family.

It’s been encouraging for me to see a lot of people reading, commenting and sharing my articles. I am extremely grateful to all of you for following me. I do try to respond to as many of you who follow and share my Blog Posts. I try to respond to every comment on my Blog. Hopeful for your wonderful response and support because I’m nothing without your support.


70 thoughts on “Many Thanks and Love

    1. Thank you so much Sadia for becoming first to response. There are many reasons behind this achievement. The one and most important is to response to all your followers onn your site and also on their site as well. I always tried to appreciate all the Bloggers. For more details you can contact me through contact form, I can provide you some good tips to get more success. Your blog is really awesome and everyone will like it, you just requires few tips to become more successful. Thanks again Sadia for your support and time.


    1. Many reasons dear, Hard work and a lot of time to Blog is required and appreciation to other bloggers is most important. Thank you so much Seraja for your first response on my blog. Looking forward to explore your blog soon. blessings.

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      1. Ah thank you so much . I hope that my blog is become successful .and I get more followers and visitors so that I can share my love for Freddie Mercury with people blessings to πŸ™‚

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  1. One thing for certain is that you will never be nothing. We are all sacred because we are here not by accident, but by design. As to whose design, I leave that for someone to solve someday. We have many things that have been written, and many people believe in those things. There is nothing really to say that they are right or wrong. I just know that if we were not meant to be here and to do whatever we do in this life, we would not be. That means for the whole world, and for every individual, good, bad or otherwise in this world, and the same with all the creatures of this world, and every single little grain of sand. Thank you kindly for offering inspiration and all good thoughts; they are something all of us can use every single day.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne for your so much inspirational response, it really means a lot to me. I really enjoyed your response, because it’s a great lesson for me and for all who can read it. We are here on blog journal because we are designed for that. Love and blessing for you.


      1. Ah, that’s cool, so niceeeee of you. You have inspired me for my next milestone. It really means a lot to me. Thanks again for your support and worthy response. Many Blessings.


    1. Wow that is obviously a good quote that we can’t fly without having strong vings. Thank you very kind Eddie for your time and so much inspirational response to my blog. It really boosted up my emotions and I found your response little bit different from others. Blessings.

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