Live with People Who Feel Proud to Have You Among Them

Every person has some unique qualities and values. Some are accepted by everyone and some are not. We should calculate our values. We should choose a community that automatically accept us with our moral values. There are two ways to be a part of any community


  • We should compromise our qualities and live according to the choice and conditions of the community we are living.


  • We bound our community as, to accept us with all our moral and social values.

Tips for Successful life

I will suggest that we should live with people who feel proud upon our existence in their near about. In order to do so we have to calculate our values and we have to brighten them so that they will able to be accepted. I have seen mostly successful people are always accepted by all types of communities. These people have some extra ordinary qualities in their personalities, that’s why they are accepted and respected everywhere, they go. Every individual has some good and some bad habits. But the bad habits of mostly successful people are largely ignored but on the other hand there is a vice versa.

There are some very useful tips for all of us, to choose our community. We should live with people who…

  1. Feel proud on having us among them: We must remain in between the people who always feel proud of having us among them. These are our real lovers and will always want to keep us among them.
  2. For whom we are their priority: These people will give us most priority. They will not keep anything else important then us.
  3. Stay loyal to us when times are hard: These people will always try to stay loyal to us. Whenever there comes a hard time on us, they will never say us good bye, but they will stand still with us. They will face every hurdles in our way, until we become stable.
  4. Celebrate successes with us: These people will celebrate success with us, not only for show, but they will really feel proud and happiness, and will really enjoy our celebrations.
  5. Bring out the best in us: These people will always try to bring out best in us and in our attitude. They will motivate us and guide us in every field of life.
  6. Are afraid to lose us: These people will never want to lose us. They will be afraid of losing us. They will try their best to keep us connected with them. They will remove hurdles coming in between them and our way, so that the connection will become more strengthen.
  7. Will trust us: These people will always trust us. They will first try to build trust in us. They will not compromise on our honesty and loyalty. Their trust will make us stronger and worthier.

I write this Article according to my own experience of life and thoughts. You may differ from it. Your correction and guidance will strongly be appreciated.

Looking forward for your expert opinions?

62 thoughts on “Live with People Who Feel Proud to Have You Among Them

    • Thank you so much Diana for your time and kind words. I really appreciate your response, and I just write this to share my thoughts with people, your response really inspired me and mean’s a lot to me. Thanks again for your time and honorable feedback.

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    • Nicely said Rebecca, I really appreciate your response. Your blog is so nice, I visit your regularly, it’s really awesome. Thank you so much for your time and honorable response to my blog. It really means a lot to me.

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  1. Thank you for visiting. I love that you asked for feedback, good or bad, that is what makes us better.

    The freedom I experience nowadays, comes from one place alone- FREEDOM in JESUS CHRIST, how? Because in Him I am free- free of guilt, free of shame, free to sing, to dance, freed of the shackles of the world.

    As opposed to BEING UNDER THE DELUSION OF FREEDOM BY BEING FULL OF PRIDE- LIVING HOW I WANT, DOING WHAT I WANT, WITH WHOM I WANT, AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT, this never provides freedom, no matter how many pretty colorful flags I fly, or how many parties I throw, or smile, or money I spend, the more I do this the more shackled I become by BULLSHIT and a fake life as I swear I’m free.

    As far as the community- the guidelines would be ideal if we have an option, but many times things appear as we have one, and we really don’t. Where in this world can we go, to live in an ideal community?

    Maybe a farm, with house sitting on many acres, with animals and nature all around… Because nature is the only thing u can trust to NOT LIE, TO LOVE YOU, TO BE RELIABLE, TO ACCEPT U, dogs, birds, trees, plants, animals, flowers, these things are holy and blessed.

    People will always reject you, even when they smile and greet u warmly, bring u cakes, pies, smile, and feel ur ears with how great you are.. Blah, blah, blah, make no mistake, there will always be WOLVES PRETENDING TO BE SHEEP, if we lie to ourselves and think we are surrounded by only those we love… We are under a grand delusion.

    If we are HONEST, SINCERE, AND SEEK TO HELP OTHERS, WE will gain the respect of most, and naturally gravitate to leaders, pillars of strength in the community we live, even when many hate us, but I don’t live to gain the respect of anyone, because when we do that we will always fail, I live to do the will of God, my happiness is derived from HIM, not the community, people always fail us. He never does. God bless

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    • Wow, your response is really very much appreciated and inspirational. It made me visit your blog on daily basis. I will try to do so. Your beliefs made me follow your blog and explore your thoughts more than this. Thank you so much for your time and honorable response to my blog. It really means a lot to me.

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      • Anytime. Thank you as well for being open. That means everything. Being open = OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH.

        “BE THE RISING STAR YOU ARE” – by radiating the LIGHT OF TRUTH


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      • Thanks Ben, I am here not only for myself but for all of my sweet WordPress family. We are the WordPressians and here to help and support each other. This’ll make us more stronger and a loving community. Thanks to you for being part of our family.

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  2. It’s like a quote I recently found said, “don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt”. If even for one brief moment, the ones in our lives miss us, then we have done something right. Those who truly care will bring us up when we’re not around in a good way. Eventually all we have will fade, except the impact we made on those in our lives even after we’re gone. When you have people in your life who care, you won’t ever have to wonder if they do or not. Nice piece and thank you for liking some of my work as well. Our goal in life should be to make someone smile or laugh every single day and bring them joy. God Bless.

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    • Thank you so much Boza, your qoute has completely described the whole of the article. I strongly appreciate your thoughts. It really means a lot to me. I visit your blog constantly and found some of the great piece of writing their. Thanks again for your time and honorable response to my blog. Looking forward to explore your blog soon.

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  3. Two things are very difficult to determine in life, we don’t choose who our parents Will be,and the environment we are starting from, these are beyond our choice, but the good news is we all have the will- power to choose who our real friend could be.
    Friendship should not be by force but by choice.
    A right choice of friendship matters a lot, because friendship is like a vehicle that carries us to where are going in life,show me your friends and I will tell you where you are heading to in life.
    Am really glad to be around,I enjoyed every bit of this article, nice layout,put together by wonderful people,am happy am here, thanks for sharing this, you have made my weekend.

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    • Thank you so much for your so much inspirational comments. I really liked and enjoyed your response. It reminds me of my friends gathering and every moment, we’ve spent together, full of memories and real time support for one another. Thank you so much for all of these and your time and honorable response to my blog. Many blessings.


  4. I can relate very much to what you wrote. We mustn’t feel like we have to change to suit other people. Sometimes it’s hard to find people who will be there through all the good and bad. They are friends to hang onto if we can find them.

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    • Yes mezruth you are right, friends are always loving, they accept us in what ever we are, they don’t try to find good and bad in us. Thanks mezruth, for your valued feedback and time to my blog.

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  5. So true !Less is More ! that’s my motto and the one I share with my students too. Make your little circle of friends/fam the coziest and strongest one. We dont need a lot of people around us, just the best ones 🙂

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    • Wow, I really appreciate your response and your ideas, it’s true that we only need a few but very close people that can feel and judge us with our silence. The little but strong people of our circle can make us more stronger. More over we can give more time and concentration if the list of our loved ones is not so long. I would love to be part of your little circle. Thank you so much Estelea, for your time and honorable response to my blog. I would love to explore your blog soon.

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    • That’s really an interesting response. I really loved it and appreciate your response. You explained it in just a few lines wonderfully. Thank you so much for your worthy time and honorable response to my blog.


  6. So true. I have had to extricate myself from many unsupportive, selfish and ignorant friends over the years. Those who were happy to see me when they needed me and leave me when I needed them. Now it’s so lovely just having a handful of friends and my amazing family; it’s a small but strong and positive group. I’m proud of them as they are of me, we all look out for each other and boost each other when needed.

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    • Honestly speaking, you have done a great job, it becomes some time difficult to differentiate between the true friends, but situation and experience makes it easier for us. Always keep your trusted friends and sweet family happy and engaged. Life without true friends is just a passage of time. You really done a great job dear. Keep supporting your friends and family and also my blog. Many blessings and love to you and your family.


  7. I came. I read. I pondered. I left. Sometimes that is the best thing to do. I am generally a man of many words, but this is not a time to speak, but rather a time for silence.

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  8. To exist, it is rational to define, choose, and prioritize norms and behaviors that enable the development of people and communities; and societies as a whole; and neglecting others that make the healthy balance between the individual and the community impossible, and weaken and/or dissipate societies.

    To understand and to treat the basic issues of people’s survival and quality of life in communities, is a need to take up the tools and elements that define morality and rules for the public and private well-being of citizens. One instrument is The Holy Bible; and one element is the family — father, mother, and children.

    For those who have faith, Christian doctrine proposes principles that guide people in making the necessary choices for the best community life; in both personal and social matters; whether for an individual only, or for society as a whole, at any time, and anywhere.

    Among numerous qualifiers, these are the Strength, Honesty, Healthiness, and the Beauty of Christian Doctrine.

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  9. You are right to surround yourself with people who support you and in turn you can then support them. Life is too short to be around negativity and too short to shroud your true self trying to live in a community that does not represent you.

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    • Awesome Anne, you are absolutely right. Life is really too short, support can make it longer, successful and enjoyable. We are nothing all alone. Negativity make it weak and empty like a vessel. Thank you so much for your kind words and honorable feedback. It means a lot to me. Blessings.

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  10. Excellent article, and something we all need to have in our life. I guess one of my best memories is of teaching illiterate adults how to read. They are so ashamed of their lack of literacy and so limited in their social lives, you cannot begin to imagine. Most people think it means just not being able able to order from a menu or to fill out a job application, but it is so much more than that. It is a lack of social esteem, and for man of them, being compromised so that they can have a life outside of alleys and other dark and dangerous places. But it also puts them at the mercy of everyone and everything around them because they cannot fully understand what they have learned, and the lack of reading skills goes a lot deeper than just reading words. When you cannot read, you also cannot comprehend the meaning of many words you have not even heard, let alone read.

    Others who CAN read treat people who cannot with disrespect or impatience at their inability to know things. And we might wonder how it is that people go all the way through high school and in some instances, junior college. When asked how one person got so high up in grades when she could not read, she just told me that the teachers passed her on so they would not have to deal with her not being able to read. They needed to spend their time with the ones who could read because their own standings as teachers depended on their success. This is sad, but all too true, and having worked in the public school system for many years, I truly understand this thinking. It is the reason I stayed a substitute instead of a permanent employee even though I had many opportunities over the years.

    So when I taught my illiterate students how to read, I also taught them about making good decisions for their lives. Some of them had never experienced everyday things that we so take for granted. It is difficult to believe, but it is absolutely true. I taught them how to set goals for their own growth not only financially, but spiritually and mentally too, and they loved that. I am so glad I served as a volunteer teacher for teaching illiterate adults. Thank you so kindly, Anne

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    • Wow, you are really such a great lady. I love your passion of helping others. It’s a great job to teach illiterate adults, I think they will feel so good after getting some good knowledge and will always pay for you.
      Last time I visited my town and I found one of my uncle getting religious knowledge at an age of 60’s, from one of our religious teachers. First I laughed but then feel sorrow for my action, because it is very much appreciated to get know about religion even at this age. Thank you so kind. I will keep you remembered in my prayers. Blessings.


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