Let People Decide What You Are!

Successful people are accepted by every society anytime, anywhere. In fact, they have some wonderful qualities in their behavior. They maintain a standard piece of discipline in their lifestyles. They always have some space in their hearts for well-being of needy people in the society. They spare some time for support and growth of the society. These people have a natural smile and shine on their face. When people talk to them they feel proud on their behavior and dealings. Here are 6 Tips to become successful in life.

Take inspiration and motivation from all around the world. You can do a lot if you have sufficient amount of inspiration in your brain. Anything is possible, Everything is possible. Work on your self esteem and self confidence. We meet two types of successful persons in our daily life. Both of these types are largely different from one another, But some people are still in doubt and can’t differentiate in between them.

Inspiration, Motivation

Now let’s discuss the two types of successful person’s:This type of person will always tells you that I’m a successful person. I have achieved a lot in my life or I have achieved all the goals in my life. In fact, he has done nothing more than just a show and a loud talk in gathering. This person doesn’t know the real meaning of success. He only has eyes on his own success and tells everyone about his success. This is not the real success. If you are successful, why do you need to tell people about your story. People see your success by their own. They can judge you more then you. They can easily take a decision about you, that what you in real are.

In my opinion success is not only the name of achieving a certain position and stay stitched at that position. Success is the name of achieving a position and at the same time setting another milestone to achieve.


The second type of person does not need to tell people about his success. He just do actions and focus his concentration on his goals. The people can imagine about his success by their own, and say, yes he is a successful person. This person does not talk about his intentions, he just show his actions to achieve the best milestone.

What’s required from your side is, let people decide what you are, weather you are a successful are not? Your actions and achievements can show your real time success.


Tell people you are successful by your actions not only by your intentions. Let people decide what you are in real. When people accept your success this will give you a real time inspiration and a lot of self-confidence. Which will motivate and inspire you to do something different and unforgettable in your life and bring a change in the world. This is called what, A real time success.


Honestly speaking, you can do a lot in your life. Believe me! Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible in this world. You need to just take a step forward. Set a goal for yourself and keep struggling to achieve that goal with self-esteem and self-confidence. Take motivation from your surroundings and the success stories of successful people’s. Keep in mind your limitations and accept them and struggle a little more to overcome those limitations.

Nothing comes in free and not just by your intentions, free of actions. Take an action, is the real key to achieve your goals. When you start your journey towards success, never gives up until you achieve that milestone. The first step is always difficult to take, but once you set a goal and took a step forward you will see that the success will touch your feet by own.

Please, please, please! Do not let it on tomorrow. Do it today. Start it now. You can do it. Yes, only you can do it. That’s all the scenario behind getting the real time success according to my point of view.

Looking forward to your expert opinion?

100 thoughts on “Let People Decide What You Are!

  1. I boast in the Lord what he has done. And yes press on toward the prize, always have a goal to reach that is higher than the last. Confidence is in the Lord, he will do the thing. It is but by my faith alone that moves the mountains in my way. Love this blog keep encouraging us.

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      1. Maybe if you get the chance, check your settings, manage sharing to see if your reblog button is selected to be shown? I checked mine and it is on.

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    1. Your qoute is really awesome and to the point, “A lion really haven’t need to tell who he is.” Thanks Laura for reading our blog and understanding the content. It really feels good when someone understands your feelings. Good to hear you again.

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  2. This post reminded me of book named “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”, which is an amazingly delightful read which inspires people successful in their lives to strive to achieve more and set more milestones. Also, the second type of successful people inspire others to set goals in their lives, just as you have.😊😊😊

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    1. Oh my Gosh, It’s a huge clarical mistake I haven’t observed, thanks for your valued correction and pointing out the error. It was not desired by me, you are right it’s whether not weather, I will correct it as soon as I get back to work. Thanks again for your time and honorable response to my blog. Thanks for being part of my blog.

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    1. Thank you so much Shibi A. K. for your time and honorable response to my blog. Your response is really inspired me a lot and it is a great way to make feel like some one are there to understand your feelings and support you. Thanks again for your support.


  3. They say “actions speak louder than words” and it’s so true. I’ve run into so many well-meaning people who say they are this or that, but when I talk with them about it, it turns out they just *want* to be this or that, but haven’t strived in that direction at all. Like you described, people who DO things are understood better than people who “intend” to do things. It also sets ourselves to the challenge: If we truly want people to see us for who we want to be, then we need to BE that person, not just talk about it. We need to do the work. If we feel we need to tell people about it, we’re not doing enough so they can just see who we are for themselves. This is just honest living. Thanks for the reminder! ^_^

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    1. Hi, Miki nice to meet you, I really appreciate your response and your full time concentration towards the entire piece of writing. You really understand the meaning of the whole blog and just described in a good way that “Actions speak louder then the words.”. Thanks to you for your reminder and kind response to my blog. It really means a lot to me. Looking forward to explore your blog soon.


  4. It is dangerous to live on the words of others though, this thinking can lead to even more self-doubt. While we strive to achieve and become who the lord sees in him I believe it is very important that we do not just look at what others say we are because god knows more about us then any being in this world ever could.

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    1. May be your thoughts are right shara, but it says that those who are really successful, doesn’t need to tell people that they are successful, success on the other hand can be judged without talking about it. Moreover they love to do actions not just say I will do this and that.
      Thanks shara for your time and honorable response to my blog. Your corrections and worthy response really means a lot to me. Many many blessings Shara.

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      1. I totally agree with the fact that we don’t need to tell people about our success and I think I misunderstood that part. Sorry about that. Your post did give me something to think about and that is a blessing to me thank you so much.

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  5. It’s an adage in my dialect that “it’s an empty drum that makes noise, meaning – a drum that contains liquid does not sound. My breakthrough is Christ is a noiseless breakthrough. You can’t hear the sound of a light when it dominate darkness. You post is lifted, I’m blessed. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. That’s awesome, the second one is really an appropriated choice. I hope and wish you to be the second one. These are the real successful people. Thank you so much for your time and valued feedback. Your response on mu post hey! I’m in love,” will also be more appreciate able for me, there are some real time emotions for our WordPress community. Thanks again.


      1. Yeah, the second one is the best choice.
        “Your response on mu post hey! I’m in love,” will also be more appreciate able for me, there are some real time emotions for our WordPress community” – I’m not sure what you are trying to say here? It’s a little confusing.

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  6. I enjoyed your discussion. I am very much the Type 2 person. With humility, I have enjoyed accomplishing much in my life. I feel like I am not in competition with other people, yet my actions and attitude speak louder than than my words.

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    1. Wow, this really means you’re like the type 2 person. You can understand this discussion better because you can different between success by action and success by talk. May you enjoy and live long with all your accomplishments. My blessings are with you always. Thank you so much for your worthy and honorable response to my blog.

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  7. Thanks for posting. I find if someone needs to be continually commenting about how successful they are, perhaps insecurity is the underlying issue. In the Bible, Paul writes, “If you’re going to boast, boast in the Lord.” That’s the best advice if you ask me! Thanks for blogging. I hope you do find the meaningful kind of success…knowing and being known by God.

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    1. Yez Debra, you are right that insecurity is an underlying issue. Thanks for your great advice, I really liked and appreciate your advice. I will try to do follow it through out my life. Thanks again for your valued time and worthy response to my blog. It really means a lot to me. Many blessings


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