Thanks to 500 Followers

I’ve been blogging for over three months. From the very first follower to the recent, last one follower, I’m so much surprised and grateful to all your support, follow up and feedback on my humble blog. It will not be false to say that I’m an accidental Blogger. I’ve learnt a lot from my senior Bloggers. Every one showed his real interest in guiding and advising me. Blogging is almost an unknown and unbelievable for me all the time.

It was a very tough struggle for me emotionally as people around me actually looked down upon me new hobby. Blogging is often looked as a joke to many people. They do not know or understand that a lot of work is poured into each blog post. No doubt blogging is a tough but very much interesting hobby. It is a strong way to express idea in your own words and in your time.

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Thanks to all of my followers

It’s really been encouraging for me to see a lot of people reading, commenting and sharing my articles and supporting me and my blog. Some of you share straight from my blog using Re-Blog Button. I am extremely grateful to all of you for following me. I do try to respond to as many of you who follow and share my Blog Posts. I try to respond to every comment on my Blog.

107 thoughts on “Thanks to 500 Followers

    1. I agree psrtially with all my love and appreciation. It is not only about working harder but also smarter …
      You could be inspired and guided by the divine through following your heart and mind at the same time . Think out of love , joy , compassion and peace ( You could be so ) and the rest would follow and the universe shall take care of you …

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      1. So cooool, I strongly agree with your beliefs and your experiences, you gained through experience and smartness. It’s true that only hard work is not the key to success we should be also much smarter to gain real time success.

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      1. Once, forever  and for all ,

        We all have a call ,

        To play a role ,

        Whether big or small , short or tall ,

        Be and do  the best you can

        to just play that role ,

        To grow more and more ,

        In the path of love roll and roll ,

        Love is beyond control ,

        To ride the  waves of  sea hall,

        Do  rise up even after  you  fall ,

        reborn with the divine , you recall…

        Transcending your body  ,

        You have a spirit  and a soul,

        In dark  times,   all would  console …

        Tap into the  infinity of God to recall, 

        So that walls of prisons shall fall,

        Apart To bring liberation , 

        eternally  after all , …

        Decode and Reporgram the matrix  ,

        For justice and awareness to install ,

        Nourish  the forests  in one land and all ,

        For Becoming    better as a whole ,

        drops of rain would  gather and scroll  ,

        Blessings brought  to us as   a waterfall, …

        Be grateful for all that is all in all ,

        No matter how large or small ,

        Be it in the spring or the fall     ,

        All could shine brightly ,  completely  sacredly and  whole ,

        Once , forever and overall …

        ( console means help )

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      1. Honestly speaking I’ve never thought of achieving 500 followers with a lot of support and help. It’s really awesome feeling after achieving the milestone. Because we count every follower every time. So it’s Really un-imagineable to explain the inner feelings.

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      2. Yaa…that’s true…I recently hit 200 followers and even that feeling was so soothing for the heart…the heart smiled from within 😊😊
        Congratulations once again and you really deserve this🌸🌸

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      3. You are doing great job Riya for your blog, what really needs to be done is you have to post constantly. I previously visited your blog and found that you haven’t posted for months. This gap in posts decreases the ranking.

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  1. Congratulations! Blogging is such a great hobby and I’ve made some amazing friendships along the way … something I never imaged. The next 500 should be easier but equally as rewarding 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Ingrid for your kind words. Hope the next 500 will be easier. Blogging is really awesome way to express your thoughts in your own way. Add me to your friends list also. I really loved blogging so much I never imagined. Thank you so much for your inspirational words and time to my blog and support.

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  2. I’ve been blogging for 13 years and have less than 200 followers. No idea how people get so many followers so quickly. I too respond to every comment left and always go read blog posts from others.
    It is work to craft the words for the sake of the story. I enjoy it for my own sake.

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    1. Oh, that’s unfair Bernie, I can’t believe that you have been blogging since 13 years and having only 200 followers. Now I am on my way to work, consider me one of your follower. Thank you so much Bernie, would you believe that I got 925 followers in just 3 months. But anyway wish you a happy blogging journey. Thank you so much for your time and honorable response to my blog.


  3. I liked your “Accidental blogger” definition, I also glad you didn’t allow those who poked fun at your new venture.
    As blogging can become a way of life and also turn into profitable business
    Although you may prefer to keep it as a personal account of your thoughts and photographs
    Keep up blogging as a new passion, rather than a hobby

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    1. Thank you so much Sir for such of inspirational and advice-able response. It’s really full of inspiration and of course a very good advice about future and my bogging journey. From today onward, I will surely take blogging as a new passion, rather than a hobby. I will try to learn more about blogging and will try invite more people as it is a very good way to learn something new and interesting rather then wasting time here and there. Sir graham, Once again thanks for your good advice. Many blessings

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