How to Overcome Fear

Are you feel fear in mind, whenever you want to start something new OR stepping out of your comfort zone? It happens many times. Whenever somebody want to start something new, he has a fear of success in his mind. Different thoughts and thinking are generated in his mind. He feels that only he is doing this new thing. He has a fear of stepping … Continue reading How to Overcome Fear

Live with People Who Feel Proud to Have You Among Them

Every person has some unique qualities and values. Some are accepted by everyone and some are not. We should calculate our values. We should choose a community that automatically accept us with our moral values. There are two ways to be a part of any community Either We should compromise our qualities and live according to the choice and conditions of the community we are … Continue reading Live with People Who Feel Proud to Have You Among Them

Let People Decide What You Are!

Successful people are accepted by every society anytime, anywhere. In fact, they have some wonderful qualities in their behavior. They maintain a standard piece of discipline in their lifestyles. They always have some space in their hearts for well-being of needy people in the society. They spare some time for support and growth of the society. These people have a natural smile and shine on … Continue reading Let People Decide What You Are!


I’ve been blogging for over three months. From the very first follower to the recent, last one follower, I’m so much surprised and grateful to all your support, follow up and feedback on my humble blog. It will not be false to say that I’m an accidental Blogger. I’ve learnt a lot from my senior Bloggers. Every one showed his real interest in guiding and … Continue reading “THANKS TO ALL FOR FOLLOWING ME”