Hey! I’m in Love

Hey! I’m in Love. Did you hear that? I’m really in Love. Hey, I’m in Love with you. Really! I’m not joking. I’m totally in love with you. You are the only one whom I love. You made me so much inspired since I have met you. Yes, You have snatched all my sleep at night. I can’t sleep all night longs; I always think about you. You have gripped my heartbeats. My heart is suffering from Tachycardia (rapid heartbeats) because of you. Yes, it’s totally because of you. You are the real reason behind the entire scene. I wish not to let you alone in your journey of life, and also expect the same feelings from your side.

I was thinking for many days that how should I express my inner feelings, and emotions to you “My WordPress Family”. I’m feeling really lucky to be here among the loveliest community of the entire space.

I can’t wait anymore without expressing my Love. So you are my Love and you are my Life. Have you noticed that we are like a family of “WordPress”; We are the “WordPressian’s”; and I love my family. I Love your smile the most.

We are the loveliest and most charming community rather than any other online platform. We are more powerful than any social media network. We all are educated, people. I have a great observation over here that nobody is cheating the other. Everybody is commenting in a very decent manner on other bloggers’ posts. Everybody here seems to be here not for himself but all the other bloggers as well. Each individual is helping the other blogger to an extent level. Everybody is free here to express their thoughts and day to day activities through Articles, Stories, Poetry and Photography and many more.

Most Inspirational article
inspirational article
Ideal Inspiration
motivational article
article on motivation

Many senior bloggers are supporting the juniors through their valuable and experienced advice. This thing matters a lot. Yes, it matters a lot. When you like or comment on a post in a decent manner, it encourages bloggers a lot for the next blog, and he prepares that one more decently and enthusiastically.

Here, I will make a simple request to all my loveliest babies, help support every blogger over here. Like and comment, to encourage. Place your advice to improve and empower, and to correct small mistakes. I have got a lot of inspiration from seniors. Each individual helped and supported me a lot. I was nobody before joining WordPress. But now I think I could say that I’m a blogger. I say thanks to all of them with the core of my heart.

One other thing that WordPress is doing a lot for us to keep us connected to one another. I say thanks to WordPress Owners and want to send them the message that they are not alone in this journey. We will do our best to help, to support them and to WordPress the world largest network. I wish that this message be reached to the WordPress owners. This only could be possible through re-blogging and social media sharing. So please help me out. Your single share can make me a lot to achieve the milestone.

Hey! Listen to one thing, this is not just a blog post. All these are the real feelings and emotions I’m feeling in my heart for my WordPress family. I love this my sweet family more than anything else.

In the end, I would like to hear from you, Should I continue to Blog?

245 thoughts on “Hey! I’m in Love

  1. My dear Blogger friend I am very happy for you. My suggestion is simple if you want to make your Marriage wonderful if your not a Christian yet start talking to Jesus and if you both willing, you will have more joy and blessing. Enjoy your life together even if you are not a Christian yet I will pray now for you both. I thank God for all my nice followers and those I unfollow especially fiynow for you both. Be always honest with one another and communicate. Be happy as you are now and all your life. Congratulations. Love you in Christ Jesus.

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  2. Ya, obviously you should continue blogging. Amazing bloggers make this family amazing. I’m not good at writing very long posts and comments but I must say this post, if reached to the WordPress owners, will melt their hearts from happiness and Thanksgiving.

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  3. Hey Blogger! A sweet and a wonderful post recognizing the efforts of fellow bloggers. Yes you should continue blogging. We a normal human think like 60000 to 80000 thoughts a day. And there are so many and so wise thoughts poems stories and creative ones. Keep writing, because this is a place a lot of novelist, writers, poet and famous bloggers born started as a passion✨🙂 Happy Blogging.

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    • Hey Simon Niasha, Thank you so much for your time and honorable feedback. I really enjoyed your response, It inspire me to proceed to another article. Thanks again for your time to read out the article.

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    • Yes Sir, it’s Really a part. I am nothing with out it. Thanks Sir Jim Borden for your help and support, I will do my best to make more achievements in the future along with my Blogger community.

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  4. I agree! WP is a very positive and encouraging platform. I encourage you to keep blogging and building positive friendships! We can all learn from each other and help each other grow. God bless you for the love you have shared here! Grace and peace to you!

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    • Thanks Ryan, you have explained my message in magnificent way. I loved it, Again thanks for your time to read out the article and encouraging me, It really boosted up my confidence.

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  5. I feel also that this community of bloggers are like my private family, my supporters and journey partners. They help me to see so much beauty in the world. Even those who write about what they suffered as children or those still suffering are people I have become close to in my heart and many I can understand and relate to because we have endured the same. Thank you for sharing and for being part of our blogging community. Yea! Love Joni

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  6. Hey, absolutely you should continue to blog. It’s a great way to share and be a positive influence on the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reminding us to be thankful and excited about this great opportunity! ❤

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  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings wiyh us, you have very positive words to say and take this as a responsibility to spread good and inspiration to the world.
    You should continue blogging because you have a huge platform where you address vast number of people and this is a medium for sharing your motivational thoughts.

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    • Thanks Lorac, Thanks a lot for your time and honorable feedback. Your appreciation helps me a lot to continue my blogging career. Looking forward for your valued support.


    • Ohh, this made me blush Kally, love you, you’ve really made me feel so much better and I am so proud of having you in touch with my blog. Sorry for the late response Kelly, I was out of my office. Thanks a lot for your time and honorable feedback to my blog.


  9. Thanks Amy! You really made me so much inspired. I have achieved a lot of inspiration from your post. Now I will really more enjoy the journey of blogging with you and my followers. I really appreciate your comment and workout. Thanks a lot for your time and your support to my blog. Hope a happy blogging journey with you. Thanks a lot for your appreciation and your support.


  10. please continue blogging. your words are so life-changing, so real and so powerful. You remind me how blogging is amazing and the importance of WordPress family. thanks for sharing. hoping more kind of posts like that

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  11. Your article inspires me a lot! You are right, seniors are motivating new bloggers and each one helps the other! I felt it! WordPress is encouraging us to make an amazing family! Very glad you are here!

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    • Thank you so much for your valuable response, your feedback is very much appreciated because it inspire me a lot. Thanks for your time to read out my blog post.


  12. This is a beautiful post and naturally expressed! I’m also a new blogger or at least started blogging consistently in the past few months but have had a tough time to get others involved in my topics or even get others to read my feelings or thoughts about life. My blog is called Happy Humanity!?! If you have any suggestions to help me..dear Rising Star, i would greatly appreciate it!

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  13. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS POST. I am new to the community, but I am so pleased by the huge positive vibe that exists here. I agree it is the best social media platform there is. “I was a nobody but with WordPress I can say ‘I’m a blogger'”. I feel the same way. My confidence has been higher since creating and posting in my blog, even though I only have a handful of followers. Writing is freeing. I am sharing this on my Facebook! Much love and many thanks ♡

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