Hey! I’m in Love

Hey! I’m in Love. Did you hear that? I’m really in Love. Hey, I’m in Love with you. Really! I’m not joking. I’m totally in love with you. You are the only one whom I love. You made me so much inspired since I have met you. Yes, You have snatched all my sleep at night. I can’t sleep all night longs; I always think about you. You have gripped my heartbeats. My heart is suffering from Tachycardia (rapid heartbeats) because of you. Yes, it’s totally because of you. You are the real reason behind the entire scene. I wish not to let you alone in your journey of life, and also expect the same feelings from your side.

I was thinking for many days that how should I express my inner feelings, and emotions to you “My WordPress Family”. I’m feeling really lucky to be here among the loveliest community of the entire space.

I can’t wait anymore without expressing my Love. So you are my Love and you are my Life. Have you noticed that we are like a family of “WordPress”; We are the “WordPressian’s”; and I love my family. I Love your smile the most.

We are the loveliest and most charming community rather than any other online platform. We are more powerful than any social media network. We all are educated, people. I have a great observation over here that nobody is cheating the other. Everybody is commenting in a very decent manner on other bloggers’ posts. Everybody here seems to be here not for himself but all the other bloggers as well. Each individual is helping the other blogger to an extent level. Everybody is free here to express their thoughts and day to day activities through Articles, Stories, Poetry and Photography and many more.

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inspirational article
Ideal Inspiration
motivational article
article on motivation

Many senior bloggers are supporting the juniors through their valuable and experienced advice. This thing matters a lot. Yes, it matters a lot. When you like or comment on a post in a decent manner, it encourages bloggers a lot for the next blog, and he prepares that one more decently and enthusiastically.

Here, I will make a simple request to all my loveliest babies, help support every blogger over here. Like and comment, to encourage. Place your advice to improve and empower, and to correct small mistakes. I have got a lot of inspiration from seniors. Each individual helped and supported me a lot. I was nobody before joining WordPress. But now I think I could say that I’m a blogger. I say thanks to all of them with the core of my heart.

One other thing that WordPress is doing a lot for us to keep us connected to one another. I say thanks to WordPress Owners and want to send them the message that they are not alone in this journey. We will do our best to help, to support them and to WordPress the world largest network. I wish that this message be reached to the WordPress owners. This only could be possible through re-blogging and social media sharing. So please help me out. Your single share can make me a lot to achieve the milestone.

Hey! Listen to one thing, this is not just a blog post. All these are the real feelings and emotions I’m feeling in my heart for my WordPress family. I love this my sweet family more than anything else.

In the end, I would like to hear from you, Should I continue to Blog?

252 thoughts on “Hey! I’m in Love

  1. Thank you so much Joy for your so kind words and time to my blog. It is a moment of pleasure for me for being part of such a great and wonderful family. You are very much senior to me and a point of respect for me as I am at my learning stage. Your response inspired me a lot and mean’s a lot to me. I will explore your blog to get something real and interesting from you. Many blessings Sir.


  2. Keep blogging–and keep being YOURSELF!

    That’s one thing I love about our WordPress community is being welcome for being who you are without having to put on masks and make things up.

    Thank you for sharing you true feelings–I LOVE that! I’m looking forward to getting to know YOU better. BLOG On, Sir. Blog on!

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    1. Thank you so much Ann Malley for your so much support and a real surprising response. You have boosted up my inspirations with your loving words. It really means a lot to me and I ensure that that i will keep on blogging and will try to do it more perfectly.


      1. Ah, Ann Malley thanks again for your time and kind words. You really boosted up my inspirations level with your encouraging words and it means a lot to me dear. It’s an honor to me to be a part of this wonderful WordPress family.


  3. I love your style. It’s unique and made me smile. I never really thought about it, but you’re right. I have found the nicest people on here. I have not even once been offended by anyone. I don’t have a lot of followers, but quality is more important than quantity and they are the best. I consider many my friends. Keep blogging.

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    1. Sir Michigan, thank you so much for your time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy words. It really means a lot to me and boost up my confidence. You are right that quality should be our first priority as it has a lot of support to our blogging journey.

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    1. Thanks Marlagro for taking time to read out my blog post and adding your worthy response. It means a lot to me. The same is my feelings from the very beginning to blogging and uptill now. Warmly welcome to the blogging world and my sweet WordPress family.


    1. So nice of you Chatty, it’s really an emotional and spiritual post and also my top most liked post.
      Yes, comments and responses from followers helped me a lot and all I’m doing is due to the support from this wonderful blogging platform.


      1. Oh, I’m so sorry for that if it disheartened you, I just saw your name as on your site title “Postcards from Kerry” and realized I have made a mistake. Thank you so much for your correction. Have a lovely day


  4. you’ve got so much of appreciation for this post that i’m not sure if you’ll even check my comment, but i still want to write to let you know that you are a powerful inspiration. I read somewhere that you said you want to be one of the best motivatiors and i can see that you are already doing that…..keep making your dreams come true…..wishing you the best of the best. If i can hep in anyway, please know that you can always count on me…..

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    1. Ahhh, thank you so much Sophia for your so much inspiring words and warm response. It really means a lot to me. I have got so inspiration from my friends after writing that post.
      I have got your response on this post after a long time. You have made my day thanks for this too. So many best wishes for you Sophia.

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  5. Hola. Hablo poco inglés, pero puedo entender bien lo escrito. Es mi primera experiencia en seguir un blog de este tipo y me gustaría decirte que me ha parecido genial.. muy interesante, realmente ispirador. Por favor no te detengas. Gracias

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