12 Tips to be a Better Version of Yourself

Definitely, you want to be a better version of yourself: Who doesn’t want to be a better person?

There are certain universal aspirations that we all hope to be better in our lives. Every one of us wants success, love, happiness, and prosperity in life.

Most of us believe that if we could do things a little better, improve ourselves a little more, we would become better person capable of achieving our dreams and life goals.

Sounds good, right? The universal truth is, no one is perfect and we never will be. But that does not mean that we should give up on self-improvement, we are all on the way to becoming the person we want to be.

Let’s be a better person than yesterday:

12 Tips to be a Better Version of Yourself:

Here are the 12 tips that will help you become the best possible version of yourself.

What are the areas that you need to work on in your personal growth and development?

1. See yourself for who you are:

Your journey to becoming a better version of yourself begins with understanding who you are at your core. It is about being more in tune with your deepest being so that you recognize what irritates you, what makes you happy or sad.

How do you deal with your emotions? How do you react when life goes amiss?

Take stock of your strengths, but also your weaknesses. What are your negative qualities? In what areas do you excel?

When we truly understand our strengths and weaknesses, we can make a favorable effort to improve and communicate better with others.

2. Forgive people and let go of Anger:

When we forgive, we let go of anger and hostility that corrodes happiness and clouds our minds. Forgiving someone who has hurt you allows you to let go of the pain of the past.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you forget what happened; rather, it means that you should learn to release bitterness and anger, which would otherwise be a source of affliction on your brain and heart. Here’s, what is stress, the causes of stress and how to deal with stress.

be the best version of yourself
Be the best version of Yourself

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Releasing negative thoughts gently makes you to heal yourself emotionally, give you inner peace and satisfaction, and help you overcome anger, anxiety, and depression that create conflict within our relationships of love and affection.

Festering anger affects your mental and physical health, with symptoms like trouble sleeping, a weakened immune system, and heart disease.

3. Accept Responsibility:

We often blame others, sometimes so subtly that we hardly even realize we are doing it.

Stop blaming others when things don’t go well. It is natural that when things occur against our expectations people start blaming others because no one can easily accept responsibility.

A key element in growing as a better person and becoming a better version of yourself is learning to accept personal responsibility for your actions, including behaviors, emotions, and failures: everything you have control over.

Accept responsibility and take control of your life when you accept that you alone are responsible for your actions. Nonetheless, to take this one step further, ask yourself if you are taking responsibility for creating the life you love, for becoming the person you wish to be.


Are you just letting things happen and then blaming the world for your failures?

4. Dare to Admit when you’re wrong and Apologize:

When we apologize, we show empathy for the injured person.

We acknowledge our mistakes. When we really try to make amends, we show humility and compassion for those we have hurt.

This has the ability to disarm those we mistreat and heal their emotional wounds, but it can also help us heal.

It is impossible to go beyond a mistake until we admit it to ourselves and to others.

Apologizing allows us to reconnect and move on. When someone apologizes to us, it is an opportunity to see them as imperfect but vulnerable and reminds us that we are all human and we all make mistakes.

5. Be a good Listener:

Are you a good listener?

Listening to others and really listening to them with an open mind, is one of the best things you can do for another person and for yourself. You show the speaker that you value their opinion.

Nevertheless, it allows you to develop stronger connections with others and create hear perceptions that you might otherwise dismiss.

You should try to actively participate in listening with all the people around you, not just only those you want to impress.

Being an effective listener can change your life for the better by fostering deeper relationships and exposing ourselves to thoughts, ideas, and worldviews beyond our own experiences.

6. Be Polite:

Being polite is a small act of kindness that we can do for everyone we meet. It is not a trivial thing.

There is a power behind saying “thank you” and “please,” greet someone warmly, or take time to chat a bit. These little things instill positive feelings in those around you, especially when you meet for the first time.

Different situations will require different levels of courtesy and formality.

Having a coffee or a drink with a friend will be a more informal situation with a more relaxed language than a formal dinner or a work meeting. But maintaining a certain level of courtesy and politeness is always appreciated because it shows consideration, respect, and kindness to others.

7. Show Respect:

Being respectful of others is a golden rule if you want to become better a person, and it also relates to basically every other point on this list.

It goes beyond treating others with good manners and listening to them, although those are important elements of respect. Respect is also about acknowledging differences in a friendly way.

be the best of you
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It is important to be respectful of other people’s time, ideas, experiences, and lifestyles. By showing respect, we admit others and recognize the importance of treating others with respect.

It does not mean that you have to flatter them or agree with their opinions by all means. You can respectfully disagree. But if you do this while treating the other person with respect, you set the example of how you expect to be treated.

8. Set Goals in Life:

What are your personal and professional goals?

Set goals for yourself and write them down. Goals give us a focus and a way to measure our progress. Goals help us to stay on track. Those who write down their goals and dreams are more likely to be attainable.

So, frame your goals positively, the goals you will do rather than something you will stop doing.

You might have heard about Warren Buffet’s 5/25. Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule is an exercise that helps people focus on their top five goals. By focusing only on important things, your chance of success is higher.

9. Live with Honor and integrity:

Personal Honor and integrity are a cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for. Integrity and honor are part of our moral foundation: the principles and ideas we value.

Integrity is your personal compass and it will shape the kind of person you will become over time.

Living with honor means being true to your ethical values: It means that your outer actions reflect your inner beliefs and values. Moreover, it means making the decisions that are necessary to meet your standards. Make sure you take the time to understand what integrity means to you and how your decisions align with the values and vision that you have in your life.

10. Recognize Opportunities to Grow and Accept Change:

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns that you cannot predict. You can’t help rather you become a little scared of change because the unknown is always a bit scary.

That fear or maybe “the fear of failure” can stop you and, without realizing it, it can be stunting your personal and professional growth. Allowing yourself to grow and evolve over time is a necessary part of life and part of the journey you are on. Here’s The Fear of Failure and Success in Life.

Do not withdraw from new opportunities or avoid your responsibilities. Be willing to take a chance and push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you might be surprised by what you find.

Always strive to keep learning new things: education and experience are essential if you want to grow and become a better and whole person.

11. Be Part of a Community:

The community can be a geographic place where people live, play and work, but it can also be a virtual space where people connect through shared ideas, values, beliefs and needs.

However, if you define community, it is important that you find ways to be part of a larger group, and you can even be part of many different communities based on your interests and backgrounds.

The community supports us, giving us a feeling of inclusion and connection with other like-minded people. But it also gives us a way to give back, help others, and share our own wisdom and knowledge.

This includes volunteering and working with others within your community, helping enrich the lives of those around you.

12. Embracing the Journey:

Remember, this is a continuous journey. Our actions, how we live, how we spend our time, all those things add up.

Recognize that not everything in life is linear. Sometimes you have to step back in order to move forward in life. Along the way, you have to learn to appreciate what you have; to have gratitude for all that life has given to you.

Remember to have a little fun and allow fun and happiness to sprinkle throughout the day. Life shouldn’t be boring, so don’t leave it. Surprise yourself and others.

Moreover, show kindness and compassion to people around you. Make yourself an example to others and behave the way you want others to see and remember you.

What do you do in life, to make yourself a better version of yourself?

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