10 Unexpected Ways to Find Happiness in Life

In today’s digital world, finding happiness in life is going to become a question mark for almost all of us. Finding yourself again with a friend, starting a new project or turning your life around will make you find happiness almost without realizing it.

Sophocles said that the greatest joy is the unexpected. And it is that happiness cannot be calculated or predicted. It is a feeling that prefers to take us by surprise. We give you some keys so that he comes to meet you when you least expect it.

1. Regain Friendships:

When we are young, it is very easy for us to make friends, but as the years go by we lose spontaneity and it is more difficult for us to establish new emotional bonds or, at least, with the same intensity with which we did it during childhood or adolescence.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of it until, after time, we discover that we have long since lost contact with that friend from school with whom we used to laugh so much or with that gang with whom we spent our summers. Regaining contact with the people with whom you shared good times gives you the possibility of recovering part of the lost illusions.

How to find happiness in life
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Nowadays, with the help of social networks, it is easier than you think. However, I am not in the favour of social network friendships because a lot of fake people are there. Besides this, you can’t share your true feelings with a social media friend and if you share something with them, they can’t feel your true emotions and sensitivity to your problems.

2. Get a Good Dose of Endorphins:

Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. These hormones are also known as “happiness” hormones. When we have a high concentration of endorphins in our bodies, we perceive reality in a happy and positive way. On the contrary, when it is low, we feel more sad and depressed. To achieve optimal levels and promote the natural production of endorphins, we can practice physical exercise or do pleasant activities that we like, such as reading a book, listening to music, and why not, a good sex session with your life partner.

3. Do Not Fall Into The “What If”:

Happiness is an emotion that we can only sense and experience in the present. We often make the mistake of mentally placing ourselves in the past or in the future rather than the present, nullifying our capacity for action. When we are thinking “if there were” we do nothing but ‘seize ourselves in the past and don’t want to move forward. The same thing happens with the “what if”, what we do is ‘project ourselves towards a dire future’. These two ways of thinking make us feel guilty and afraid, and unhappy. So, it is a creative thing to avoid thinking about things from the past and “re-creating” yourself in that situation.

Happiness is an emotion of the present, neither of the past nor of the future. So, feel it no matter what it needs from you and give it an opportunity to come in. This is the only way to keep yourself happy, alive and brainstorm your emotions.

4. Share and Show Solidarity:

The human being is a social animal that, by nature, seeks company to fulfill itself in community and share experiences. When we have the desire to feel useful, to enjoy new experiences and to grow as people, nothing better than to get involved in aid programs that allow us to get closer to other realities and do our bit.

5. Be the Leading role of Your Own Life:

Ask yourself if you prefer to say what others have written for you or to create your own scripts; if you prefer to risk acting or settle for being a passive observer of what happens. Giving up a braver attitude is giving up happiness. Take a step forward, reject victimhood, fatalism and resignation and eliminate expressions such as “it does not depend on me”, “it is too difficult” or “it is not possible” from your inner dialogue. Give a chance to step in “Anything is possible in this world” and you can do what you can dream of.

6. The “Just For Today” Law:

One of the principles of reiki, a Japanese therapy based on hands-on healing, says: Just for today, I will be angry. Just for today, I won’t be a worry. “Whatever goal you set for yourself, will be easier if you apply the law of just for today, whether it be studying, quitting smoking or not getting angry. Dedicate a day just to yourself, propose to face the day as if all experiences were new, with renewed enthusiasm. Do different things, take different paths, talk to people around you..!

7. Create Something New:

Gardening, sports, exercises, making crafts, photography, creating something new from scratch, is a source of satisfaction and a formula that helps us to release stress, to escape from daily worries and therefore, to be stay happier. Exercising manual and creative capacity oxygenates our mind and allows us to break rigid patterns of behavior. Manual activities also have therapeutic benefits, because they help us to concentrate and establish a dialogue with ourselves.

8. Reduce the Demands:

We live in a society that gives us an idealized image of what we should be. The false-positive image of social media and advertisements is influencing our lives badly. Advertising bombards us with messages of beauty, smartness, perfection and well-being that are not real. Influenced by that vision, we are continually dissatisfied with what we have in life and how our God created us.

In order to stay happy and satisfied, set S.M.A.R.T. Goals in life. Set a series of (real) goals and allocate time effectively. Write down small real goals on your agenda and feel satisfied and proud of yourself as you go about them.

9. Fulfill a Childhood Dream:

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When we are children we play, laugh and dream without censorship, but when we become adults we try harder to be what we think we should be than what we want to be. To regain that spirit of play, we must listen to the child in us and pay attention to their unfulfilled wishes. If you always wanted to learn to sing, play the harmonica, fly a kite, mud house, dance or skate: do it!

10. Give a 180º Turn to Life:

Routine stressed life, the influence of the environment or simply, inertia shape our life without us even realizing it. Although we feel dissatisfied with our reality, we do not take the initiative for change because we are afraid of failure or making mistakes or being called foolish and undisciplined people. Break those invisible ties and give your life an unexpected turn. Perhaps the time has come to start a new career path, to change cities or to resume the studies you left behind.


Do you want to find happiness? Now is the best time to take initiative!

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