10 Steps to Learn to Love Yourself

Are you aware of your self-love?

We are here with the 10 steps to learn to love yourself: Every day he reaffirmed the idea that power dwells within us. Nothing is outside. We just have to look within and make the decision to discover ourselves, as the oracle of Delphi, from Greek mythology, said: ‘know yourself’. We all need to love ourselves.

All the inhabitants of the planet have the possibility of ‘Reborn’ from our own ashes as the ‘Phoenix bird’. The tendency of humanity has been to suffer, to fear, to criticize ourselves and criticize others. Criticism knocks down the inner spirit. People sometimes do not realize that everything is a constant choice.

Due to the same social dynamics and beliefs, the tendency is to blame ourselves and others. Not good, not bad. However, we can all transform those habits. The essential thing is to learn to love ourselves.

That is one of the main aspects that we want you to be your best self-lover. It could happen that you don’t know how to do it. But the simple fact, wanting to change your lifestyle, is a step towards the path of dreams and personal fulfillment.

Are you ready to change?

The tendency of humanity is to suffer, to create horror movies in your life. So I have discovered that when we learn to love ourselves, our outer world is transformed. It is a time taking process and is not achieved overnight.

However, when you choose to be mindful and love yourself a little more each day, your life could flourish like a garden. What kind of garden do you want? Are there weeds in your life? You could choose to transform those habits that have led you to live the experience you face today! Here’re The Advantages and Disadvantages of Nonverbal Communication.

It all starts with a small step. The great things in life have started with something small. So, I invite all to be compassionate and loving with ourselves. In that process perhaps, you could return to the old habits. It is normal, it is essential to be persistent. Personally, in my path of ‘awakening of conscience,’ I discovered that he (my old version) was a perfectionist and critical of me. I chose to love myself above all things. Transform my beliefs and be kind to myself. Accepting me becomes the guardian of my life. In my daily affirmations, he took advantage of every moment to recognize and value me.

learn to love yourself

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The human belief that we have a defect is not true. I have checked. All human beings, we are a blue ocean. We are unique, authentic and original. We are the perfect divine expression. As Allah says Quran:

Translation: “We have certainly created man in the best of stature”.

So why invent defects?

We just have to make the decision to expand our consciousness to awaken to our inner power and learn to value humanity. Happiness consists of feeling comfortable with ourselves.

10 steps to learn to love yourself:

Follow these 10 steps to love yourself unconditionally:

1. Drop criticism:

Stop criticizing yourself now and forever. You’ve been criticizing yourself for years, as my friend Louisa Hay says. So he invited you to try another tactic. It was revealing for me when I discovered that I could make changes that will support me in loving myself. Everything is a process. Remember, everyone changes. Choose nutritious thoughts.

2. Don’t be afraid of yourself:

Stop scaring yourself with scary thoughts. I have observed that people create out of a small situation, overwhelming circumstances. The mind is such a good filmmaker that it creates horror movies and forgetting divine power.

3. Be nice, kind, and patient with yourself:

A good example of the power of patience is when gardening. At first, you find arid land. Then you remove it, you sow it and although it seems that nothing is happening, great things are happening. Sure, if you’ve sown seeds of prosperity. Life is like a garden.

4. Be patient with yourself:

Observe negative thoughts like weeds. Get inspired by the beautiful. When human beings are asked if they have good self-esteem, people respond, but of course. In reality, when you are critical of yourself, there is no good self-esteem, nor when you feel envy, insecurity, resentment, jealousy, anger, hatred, in short.

During my talks, he asked the participants, yes, would you allow them to throw a garbage bag in your living room? They immediately answer, no! Then he asked again. Why do you trash your brain? You do it when you feed negative thoughts, pain, guilt, resentment, envy, insensitivity, anxiety, hatred, bitterness, laziness, stress, rage, anger, criticism, etc. We are human; it is true and lovingly imperfect.

5. Be kind to your mind:

We can learn to love each other little by little. Everyone on the planet can practice the four loves: love of God, love for ourselves, love of nature, love of neighbor. Here’s a Personal Development post: Why Self-reflection is so Important?

6. Praise yourself:

Enter the praise room. When you feel overwhelmed, sad or criticized by others. I like to go to the praise room that I have imagined and take a popularity bath. People think that’s weird, but the weird thing is not doing it.

Why not recognize how good we are?

7. Practice meditation:

Meditation is one of the highly appreciated techniques to release stress and relax your mind. All you have to do is to become aware of your breathing. Meditating is not a big deal. We can all meditate for at least two minutes a day. You could close your eyes and breathe consciously. Let the mind relax.

8. Listen to your intuition:

Listen to your intuition or sixth sense. Without being aware, sometimes we go over what our sixth sense tells us. We all have them. It’s just a matter of learning to listen to it.

9. Do what you love:

Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. Sometimes, we want others to behave equitable, kind, loving, generous, understanding with us. But are we not aware that we have sown in others? We want others to change. But, we can’t change anyone. If we can change anything that is the self, we can only change ourselves.

10. Improve eating habits:

Balance your diet. Sometimes, due to the desire to do everything, we spend little time eating at the recommended time. It is important to look for nutritious foods.

Have you observed in what way do you eat?

What thoughts do you have when you eat?

In restaurants, I observe people more aware of the cell phone than of respecting that sacred space. Others eat eagerly. Not good, not bad.

Questions you need to Ask Yourself:

  • What anchors you to criticism?
  • What would change in your life, if you decide to love yourself?
  • And, What does it mean to be consistent?

Transformational learning is the process where we learn to take responsibility for our lives. It is learning, since when it is learned the capacity of action of the individual or of an organization expands. The individual conscience and therefore the social one expands.

It is transformational because in that process there is a transformation of the type of observer of the world in which each person inhabits. New possibilities are discovered. You work on distinctions and therefore you learn to think differently. One day your reborn self will tell you that “I love my new me. I am very happy with my transformation”.

So, what is self-love for you?

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    I have just been listening to Eckhart Tolle talking about feeling of fullflilment should be first from within and unconditional to achieving more . Be still and tap into your inner deeper self or beingness of the now moment , and then the rest follows .
    In conclusion , as within , so without …

  2. ecohorizons says:

    When you find inner fullflilment and feel presence and stillness within , great creativity emerges and you get inspired to progress and act in a way to achieve more as a result …

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